“People are surprising, diverse, evolving,
delicate, rugged and puzzling.
Therefore they remain endlessly
captivating from birth
until the last day of their life.
My mission is to capture that.”


Saara Malmström is devoted to people and their stories and eager to catch the powerful and touching details of life. Malmström concentrates on documentary photography and portraits but is also keen to work more in the advertising field as well. In the past she has worked in several magazines as a stylist and a photo re-toucher, which gives a comprehensive view to the entire process.


For several years Malmström has studied human anatomy and nature through art by using different techniques such as metal wire, clay, glass blowing, aquarelles and contemporary prohography. People and their minds, dreams and fears seem to be an never-ending subject of an investigation. She has participated in several group exhibitions during years 2012-2018.


Among working as a photographer Malmström teaches photography. All the courses and workshops are held in Finnish, usually in the Helsinki area. Malmström in genuinely interested in her students personal ambitions and dreams and her goal is to lead people towards meaningful, fun and rewarding photography experiences. She has received excellent feedback from being encouraging and inspiring teacher.


In summer 2018 Malmström designed her own line of jewelry and a serie of notebooks. STROM Leather Goods were first published in December 2018 at the Tokyo Christmas Sales in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. Notebooks are sold online and in Aalto University Shop in Espoo, Finland.